Current Bids and Bid Summaries

 Current Bids for North Little Rock

Note to bidders: Please check online or with the Commerce Department

(501) 975-8881 to see if any addendums have been issued before submitting a bid.

Attention Bidders: Until Futher Notice, The City Services Building is CLOSED to the public. However, you may still submit a proposal for any Current Bid. For Hand Delivered Bids, please use the NO ENTRANCE door to the Commerce Department or call 975-8881 for assistance. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these difficult times. 

20-3653 NLR Middle School Tennis Courts Rehabilitation Bid opens 4/7/2020 @ 10am



Summary of Bids for North Little Rock

20-3638 RFQ for CPA's for FY2019 Audits

20-3640 Demolition and Site Clearance of Two Locations

20-3641 Demolition and Site Clearance of Two Locations

20-3642 RFP for Aquatic Water Mgmt Services

20-3646 Purchase of 24 Ton 2-Compressor Dehumidifier & Installation

20-3647 Asbestos Abatement of 2700 Poplar Street

20-3648 Padmounted Transformers w/ Oversized Cabinets for NLR Electric

20-3649 Demolition and Site Clearance at 6 Locations

20-3650 C02 Exhaust Fans and Installation at NLR Vehicle Maintenance

20-3651 Transformers for the NLR Electric Department

20-3652 ADA Compliant Restroom at the NLR Health Department