Volunteer for the City

Are you looking to help out in North Little Rock?   This is the place for you.  The North Little Rock Mayor's Office of Volunteer Services (MOVS) was formed to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the governing and operations of their community. 


If you would like to help victims of the flooding, we have four locations where volunteers can help fill sandbags. 

Please call (501) 791-8500 if you wish to help.

NLR Public Sandbag Locations:

  • Dixie Addition: 3350 Sam Evans Drive (between F and G streets)
  • Gribble Neighborhood: 3200 Gribble (Near Crockett St.)
  • Crystal Hill Area: 6000 White Oak Drive (Across the road from Summit Church)
  • Willow Beach: 15000 Willow Beach Road (East end of Willow Beach road just before it hits Col. Maynard Dr.)

For questions about sandbags, please contact the NLR Street Dept. at (501) 340-5355.

Mission Statement

The North Little Rock Mayor's Office of Volunteer Services (MOVS) was formed to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the governing and operations of their community. To that end, MOVS strives to maintain a strong volunteer workforce and to provide training and work stations for those who may wish to volunteer their time. Interested citizens over the age of eighteen (18), should contact MOVS at (501) 975-4297 or to participate in this program. The Mayor's Office of Volunteer Services (MOVS) is located at 401 W. Pershing in North Little Rock.

Service Opportunities

North Little Rock Visitors Bureau is looking for volunteers to work the registration area for conventions coming into North Little Rock. The Bureau needs a call list made up of 15-20 volunteers. Volunteers would be trained on working the registration area. Registration is usually in the morning and no longer than four hours. Volunteers would receive as much notice as possible for scheduling purposes.

This is an excellent opportunity to assist the City in its effort to promote tourism and for volunteers to make the visitor's experience unforgettable.

Potential volunteers should contact the Hays Center and talk to Angela regarding this volunteer opportunity.

Mayor's Office of Volunteer Services
Located at the Patrick H. Hays Senior Center
401 W. Pershing
North Little Rock, AR 72114-2145
Phone: (501) 975-4297
Fax: (501) 537-0948

Services Provided

MOVS recruits, trains, and places unpaid volunteers in various municipal departments. Promotes volunteerism within the City of North Little Rock, AR. Works with professional volunteer agencies to promote volunteerism state-wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of volunteer jobs are available?
A. Specific job descriptions are available for review.

Q. How much time do I have to volunteer?
A. No set amount, but usually two half days weekly.

Q. Can I volunteer after normal working hours or on weekends?
A. Yes, at some jobs.

Q. Do you participate in the Service Learning Program with the local school district? 
A. Yes, when formal application is made through the local district.

Q. Where can individuals under 18 volunteer?
A. For community-wide volunteer opportunities, please visit this website, developed by a member of the Mayor's Youth Council. 


Angela Wirt - Volunteer Coordinator
Patrick Henry Hays Senior Citizens Center
401 W. Pershing Blvd.
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone: (501) 975-4297
Fax: (501) 537-0948