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Professional Development Division

Commanded by Captain J. Daugherty

The Units and Officers Behind the Scenes of the North Little Rock Police Department

The Professional Development Division is responsible for all of the administrative and training functions of the department. From the hiring of a new officer to his or her retirement, the division provides the policy, training and direction for the officer’s successful career.

Several Units and Offices fall under the command of this Division, specifically; The Professional Standards Unit, The Public Information Officer, The CALEA Accreditation Officer, The Recruiting Officer, The Training Unit and The School Resource Officers.

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU)

Deemed the investigative unit for the Chief of Police, they are directly responsible for ensuring the integrity of the members of the North Little Rock Police Department. The PSU’s goal is to provide positive customer service to assist the citizens in resolving problems, providing information back to the department to assist in the departmental goal of continually improving police services within the community.

The Media Relations Unit

The North Little Rock Police Department has made a commitment to cooperate fully with authorized news media representatives in their efforts to gather factual, public information. The North Little Rock Police Department will make every effort, consistent with accomplishing their police tasks, in providing members of the media with accurate information as dictated by policy in all matters and dealing with the media on current events. The department will not release any information that would jeopardize a criminal investigation or infringe upon an individual’s constitutional rights.

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Officer

The Gold Standard in Public Safety

CALEA, Inc. was created in 1979 and is a credentialing authority, based in the United States, whose primary mission is the premier accrediting authority through the joint efforts of law enforcement’s major executive associations. The CALEA Accreditation Program seals are reserved for use by those public safety agencies that have demonstrated compliance with CALEA Standards and have been awarded CALEA Accreditation by the Commission. The North Little Rock Police Department maintains its commitment to comply with the applicable standards set forth by CALEA. It the responsibility of the Department’s Accreditation Manager to develop and administer the procedures required to achieve and maintain compliance.

The Recruiting Officer

The North Little Rock Police Department recognizes that its members are its most important asset. The Recruiting Officer is responsible for the positive recruitment, selection and testing of the most qualified applicants for the position of Police Officer. The North Little Rock Police Department utilizes an active and aggressive recruitment strategy to attract and employ the most qualified people. The North Little Rock Police Department is an equal Opportunity Employer.

The Training Unit

The North Little Rock Police Department is committed to providing its members the most productive and effective training that ensures the department’s ability to accomplish the goals and mission of the organization. The Training Unit is responsible for the training of our newest officers from day they are hired until the day they retire. The Training Unit recognizes the need to provide training that creates an environment that encourages the personal and professional development of each member.