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Support Services Division

Commanded by Captain M. Tubbs

The Officers and Civilians that support all of the Divisions of the North Little Rock Police Department to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently

Several Units fall under the command of this Division, specifically; The Central Records Unit, The Warrants Unit, The Desk Officers, The Property/Evidence Unit and The Court Bailiffs Unit.

The Central Records Unit – 501-771-7119

This unit is responsible for managing all records, ensuring the privacy and security of information while providing access to department members, other law enforcement and governmental agencies and the general public. The Support Services Division serves as the central repository for all incident, accident, arrest records, and all other associated documents. They are also responsible for the processing, maintenance, security and distribution of Police Department records. 

The Warrants Unit – 501-771-7127

The North Little Rock Police Department will process and serve all outstanding warrants issued by judicial authorities. It is the responsibility of the Warrants Clerk to maintain all warrants issued through the North Little Rock District Courts, criminal or civil. All Sworn Officers of The North Little Rock Police Department are responsible for serving all issued warrants.

The Property and Evidence Unit – 501-771-7121

This unit is responsible for maintaining, securing and having orderly procedures for receiving, handling, securing and disposing of all types of property according to state and local statutes. This is done to ensure the public can rely, with confidence, on the integrity and efficiency of the department.

The Court Bailiff’s Unit

The North Little Rock Police Department provides all security functions for the North Little Rock District Court Facility and court proceedings. The Court Bailiff’s Unit is responsible for providing security and ensuring the safety of the Judge, participants in court proceedings, and the public.