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Camera Surveillance Registration Program

The NLRPD is always looking for better ways to serve our community. One way to do that is to work cooperatively with our citizens and businesses. When investigating crimes, it helps us tremendously to have any video footage of the suspects. The NLRPD is implementing a camera surveillance registration program that will allow The NLRPD to keep a record of all homes and businesses that register their camera systems with us. This will allow our Officers and Detectives to make contact with the owners in a timely manner to hopefully solve crimes quicker. Please register your camera system via

Your Information will be kept confidential!

NLRPD is Always Recruiting!!

We anticipate accepting applications in December for the January 2021 Testing Cycle.

Potential Applicants: If you are not aware of what each process of the hiring phase consists of read this page:

All Police Applicants in the hiring process are highly encouraged to complete at least one ride along. Visit the recruiting tab to download the ride along packet. Contact the recruiter for more information.

If you have any questions email the recruiter at

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The North Little Rock Justice Center

Expected to Open Spring/Summer 2021

Thanks to the Citizens of North Little Rock for passing a one cent sales tax in 2018 for the building of the new Justice Center, we are starting to see progress each day. The Justice Center will be an 82,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility located at #1 Justice Center Drive (currently 2600 Poplar Street) in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The facility will allow all of the existing police buildings to be housed under one roof (sub-stations will still exist). The facility will also be home to the North Little Rock District Courts, the North Little Rock Information Technology Department and a 5,000 sq. ft. public meeting room.