Now Recruiting!!

The North Little Rock Police Department is always recruiting the Next Generation of North Little Rock’s Finest.
If you believe you have the character and ability to join the best police department in the State of Arkansas we would love to visit with you.
Speak with the NLRPD Recruiter, Officer 1st Class Elizandro, at 501-812-5106 or via email

Salary Range

  • Step 1 – Entry to 2 years = $40,600
  • Step 2 – 2-4 years = $43,138
  • Step 3 – 4-6 years = $48,465
  • Step 4 – 6-8 years = $51,283
  • Step 5 – 8-10 years = $53,389
  • Step 6 – 10+ years = $61,042

Pre-Certified Officers can be hired between Steps 1-3 based on previous years of experience.


  • 15 Days of Paid Vacation / After 15 years of service it increases to 20 days
  • 11 Paid Holidays
  • Paid Personal Leave Hours: 2-4 years = 16 hours, 5-9 years = 32 hours, 10-14 years = 40 hours, 15+ years = 48 hours
  • Health Coverage: 100% Paid for Employee / 75% Paid for Family
  • Yearly Education Pay (after one year of service): Associate’s Degree = $864.00 / Bachelor’s+ = $1,728.00
  • Yearly Law Enforcement Certificate & Education Pay: After one year of service Officers can elect to receive LE Certificate & Education Pay 
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree with an Advanced LE Certificate = $2,160.00
    • Bachelor’s Degree with a Senior LE Certificate = $2,520.00
    • Master’s Degree with a Senior LE Certificate = $2,700.00
  • Yearly Law Enforcement Certificate Pay: After one year of service Officers can elect to receive LE Certificate Pay
    • General LE Certificate with 3 college English hours = $432.00
    • Intermediate LE Certificate with 6 college English hours = $864.00
    • Advanced LE Certificate = $1,500
    • Senior LE Certificate = $1,980.00
  • Yearly Clothing Allowance = $800.00
  • Take Home Car Program (rules apply)
  • Ample Overtime Opportunities
  • Specialized Unit Opportunities after 3 years of service
  • Promotion Opportunity after 5 years of service

Minimum Qualifications

  • U.S. Citizen
  • H.S. Diploma or GED
  • Current Valid Driver’s License
  • Must be 21-45 years of age by Date of Hire
  • No Felony Convictions
  • No Domestic Convictions

The Process – Testing is currently being done monthly!!

  • Apply Online at
  • Complete and Pass the Computerized Written Test
  • Complete and Pass the Physical Abilities Test
  • Pass the Structured Panel Interview
  • Pass the Background Investigation and Integrity Interview
  • Receive a Conditional Letter of Hire
  • Pass the Polygraph, Medical, Visual, Psychological and Drug Screening
  • Placed on the Civil Service Commission Hiring List for Police Officer
  • New Officers will attend at least 13 weeks at a Police Academy and then begin a 6 month FTO program
  • Pre-Certified Officers will attend 2 weeks in house training and then begin a 2-3 month FTO program

The Written Test

The North Little Rock Police Department utilizes the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory Exams. The exams consist of a series of multiple choice questions and rating scales designed to test important cognitive abilities and behavioral attributes that are necessary for effective job performance as a police officer. Ten abilities were determined to be necessary to perform the job-essential tasks, duties and responsibilities, they are:

  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Flexibility of Closure
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Information Gathering
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Selective Attention
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Verbal Comprehension
  • Verbal Expression
  • Visualization

The Physical Abilities Test (PAT)

The North Little Rock Police Department utilizes the PAT to ensure all new hires are physically capable of performing the necessary duties of a Police Officer. The PAT consists of the following obstacles, ran consecutively. A passing score is accomplished if the applicant finishes the PAT in 3 minutes and 54 seconds or less.

  • Starting from a kneeling position you will get up and run 100 ft. through an L Shaped course to the Fire Tower
  • You will then go up three flights of stairs and down 
  • You will then accomplish the Push/Pull Machine – You will push against 50 lbs of resistance while moving side to side and then pull 50 lbs of resistance while moving side to side
  • You will then run to and complete the 450 ft oval sprint course
  • You will then run to and drag a 170 lb dummy 30 ft
  • You will then run to a steel ring, orientate and maintain your duty weapon within the steel ring and perform 12 trigger pulls with your strong hand and 11 trigger pulls with your weak hand

The Panel Interview

The North Little Rock Police Department and the North Little Rock Human Resources Office will interview each applicant that has successfully passed the PAT. The applicant will be asked a myriad of questions and this is a pass or fail portion of the hiring process.

The Background Investigation

All Applicants that proceed past the Panel Interview will undergo an extensive and thorough background investigation. The applicant will also be interviewed by the background investigator and, if proceeding to hiring, by The Chief of Police.

Physical, Visual, Psychological examinations, Drug Screen and Polygraph

All Applicants that have successfully passed the background investigation and integrity interview will be given a conditional letter of hire that allows us to schedule the applicant to complete each of the following; physical/medical examination, visual examination, psychological examination, drug screening and polygraph examination. All of which are pass or fail portions of the hiring process. If all portions of this process are successfully passed the applicant will be placed on the Civil Service Commission Hiring List. 

Congratulations! You’re Eligible to be Hired!

Once an applicant is placed on the Civil Service Commission Hiring List they will be hired in accordance with their ranking (as long as openings exist). The Hiring List is good for one year after being approved by the Civil Service Commission.