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About Us

Patrick Thessing, Chief of Police for the City of North Little Rock.

Originally, Argenta was known as the Eighth Ward of Little Rock. On February 23, 1904 Argenta and North Little Rock were combined legally and officially declared a first-class city by then Governor Jefferson Davis. A Special Census was conducted which determined that North Little Rock’s population was 8,203 residents.

On April 13, 1904 the North Little Rock City Council passed Ordinance 24, which established The North Little Rock Police Department. Gabe Pratt was named the city’s first Police Chief and his six patrolmen were sworn in to serve and protect the city.

On May 11, 1904 the City Council published the police department’s monthly payroll which showed Chief Pratt earning $80.00 a month, one Sergeant earning $70.00 a month and each Patrolman earning $66.00 a month.

Today, The North Little Rock Police Department has 188 Sworn Officers that serve a population of about 66,000 residents and patrol an area of 55.49 square miles.

The North Little Rock Police Department also provides police services to thousands of employees and visitors that travel to the city each day.

The principles we strive to live and work by:


The effectiveness of the Police Department is dependent upon the trust and confidence of the public that we serve. The trustworthiness, honesty, and character of the Department are the keys to all other success. The integrity of the Department is made of the collective integrity of all its members.


The Police Department exists at the will of the people who, collectively, are the ultimate authority. The Department is accountable to the community for its operations and actions. Police officers at all levels have a great deal of authority and responsibility. Every member of the Department is accountable for the proper exercise of authority and the effective and efficient execution of responsibilities.


It is incumbent on the Department and its members to be responsive to the concerns and interests of the community. Responsiveness is not only reactive, but proactive as well.

Quality of Life:

The only purpose for the existence of any Police Department is to positively contribute to quality of life in the community. The Department works to keep people safe through the enforcement of criminal and traffic laws, maintaining peace and order, and taking actions to prevent victimization and disorder. It is equally important that people feel safe as well as being safe.


The Police Department is not an occupying force with the duty to impose rules on it subjects; rather, it is a component of the community that interacts and works with the other components of the community in a sense of shared responsibility and interest. Continuous dialog and cooperation among the various segments create a synergy that builds great communities.

Customer Service:

Like any other agency or business, the Police Department operates to serve its customers or clients. The Police Department has a diverse clientele. Though the Department is not able to fix everyone’s problem, citizens should be left feeling that the Department cared and offered the assistance within its power. Even those against whom enforcement action is taken can be left feeling that they were treated fairly and with respect.

The organizational values we hold dear:

  • The protection, defense, and preservation of human life is the most sacred responsibility.
  • The Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Arkansas are the foundation of the greatest society and must be followed in act and spirit.
  • It is our purpose to preserve, not deny, the liberties of the citizenry.
    The most basic police responsibility is to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
  • All people should be treated with respect, dignity, fairness, and equality.
  • All people are equal under the law, and police services and actions must be administered in this regard without discrimination.
    Courage, integrity, and character are the foundations of a police officer.
  • Personal and professional growth must be continual and never-ending and requires the courage to risk failure.
  • We expect truth, honesty, and ethical behavior from all members.
  • We are committed to the mission, principles, and values of the organization and to the ideas of professional policing.
  • We recognize and accept our responsibilities of leadership in community and within the organization. We believe in teamwork and recognize that our successes result from the combined efforts of many people; co-workers, other public servants, and the public.
  • We strive for excellence and refuse to settle for less.
  • We value a solid work ethic with a commitment to cooperation, dependability, and flexibility.
  • We believe that our members are our greatest asset and we recognize that individuality and diversity are strengths.
  • We are honored to be members of the organization and recognize our responsibilities in promoting and protecting the honor of the organization.

In Memoriam.

“A Hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

– Joseph Campbell

Sergeant James L. “Buck” Dancy

End of Watch: Wednesday December 2, 2020

Cause: Covid-19

Officer Ralph “Mac” McMoran

End Of Watch: Wednesday April 23, 2008

Cause: Heart Attack

Patrolman Jerry C. Davis

End Of Watch: Thursday January 7, 1982

Cause: Gunfire

Patrolman Jerrell P. Vaughn

End Of Watch: Tuesday April 16, 1963

Cause: Gunfire

Patrolman Frank Neighbors

End Of Watch: Friday November 22, 1929

Cause: Struck by Vehicle