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Investigations Division

Division Command Staff

Division Commander – Captain B. Dedrick

Criminal Investigations Commander – Lt. Clint O’Kelley

Narcotics Investigations Commander – Lt. Todd Spafford

There are five units of the Investigations Division along with the Crime Victim’s Advocate.

  • Crimes Against Persons/Missing Persons: Supervisor – Sgt. R. Hernandez
  • Crimes Against Property: Supervisor – Sgt. R. Griffin
  • Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes/Juvenile/Financial Crimes: Supervisor – Sgt. J. Cross
  • Cold Case Unit: Supervisor – Lt. Clint O’Kelley
  • Narcotics: Supervisor – Sgt. D. Haley

The Narcotics and Special Enforcement units fall under the umbrella of the Investigations Division and is commanded by a Lieutenant and one Sergeant.

  • Crime Victim’s Advocate: Ms. Edna Ramirez – 501-812-2560

Responsibilities of the Investigations Division

The Investigations Division has the primary responsibility for follow-up investigation of crimes against society, property and persons occurring within the Department’s jurisdiction.

These offenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Crimes committed or attempted against persons or property, as defined by appropriate statute.
  • Homicide and questionable deaths or related offenses;
  • Traffic fatalities;
  • Rape and all other sexual offenses;
  • Assault or battery, including abuse of adults or children;
  • Kidnapping, false imprisonment, terroristic threatening, and harassing communications;
  • Robbery;
  • Theft, including fraud and forgery; and,
  • Vehicular theft, including thefts from vehicles and thefts of motor vehicle parts and accessories.
  • Offenses of all types committed by juveniles;
  • Conspiracies to commit any of the aforementioned offenses which involve the apprehension of an offender, concealing an offender or offense, tampering with or concealing evidence, or intimidating or attempting to intimidate a victim or witness;
  • Missing persons or juvenile runaway complaints;
  • Narcotics and vice offenses; and;
  • Any other offense that may be directed by the Office of the Chief of Police.

If you have any information that could help solve any active or ongoing investigation please use our tip line to provide that information. You may remain anonymous.