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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the backbone of our agency. The patrol officers provide 24-hour, continuous service to the citizens and visitors of our city.

Our patrol officers are proactive, intelligent and dedicated to solving the community’s problems. They recognize the value of the community’s involvement.

Our officers engage in a wide variety of activities including working with citizens to identify and solve problems, conducting security surveys, engaging in meet and greets, implementing crime prevention tactics, responding to calls for service, enforcing traffic and criminal laws, answering complaints, identifying and arresting offenders, directing and controlling traffic, maintaining public order by enforcing laws and city ordinances, providing emergency services, working with other divisions within the department, engaging in community relations, and effectively dealing with people in crisis.

Patrol officers are most likely the first on the scene of an incident and will conduct the preliminary investigations.

Command Staff

Commanded by Captain R. Messer

The Division is comprised of four patrol districts that allow for consistent uniformed patrol coverage 24 hours a day.

Downtown/Argenta Patrol District – Commanded by Lieutenant J. Woodward. Located at 1 Justice Center Drive.

Levy/Maumelle Blvd. Patrol District – Commanded by Lieutenant T. Gravett. Located at 4610 Camp Robinson Road.

Rose City Patrol District – Commanded by Lieutenant C. Sims Located at 4609 E. Broadway Blvd.

Lakewood/Hill Patrol District – Commanded by Lieutenant M. Anderson. Located at 2925 Lakewood Drive.

Specialty Units

K9 Unit

The Patrol Division uses the special abilities of properly trained police dogs to supplement law enforcement services to the public. Duties include tactical response and support, building searches, tracking, narcotics detection and also as a high visibility deterrent. Canine deployment shall be made by highly trained and well supervised handlers operating in strict accordance with the highest ethical standards and safety practices of law enforcement.

Small Unmanned Aircraft System(s) SUAS Unit

The Department has implemented the operation of small Unmanned Aircraft System(s), SUAS, to assist during special events, emergencies, and special operations in order to provide increased situational awareness and enhance officer safety. They will also be implemented to help combat increases in crimes in specific, identifiable areas.

Civilian Accident Investigations

The regulation of traffic and the prevention of collisions are important objectives within the North Little Rock Police Department. The accomplishment of these objectives is largely dependent upon active participation by all patrol officers in traffic enforcement.

Special Weapons and Tactics – SWAT Team

The SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team is an elite tactical unit of the North Little Rock Police Department. They are trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers. SWAT team members’ duties include: performing hostage rescues and counter-terrorism operations; serving high risk arrest and search warrants; subduing barricaded suspects; and engaging heavily-armed criminals. SWAT teams are often equipped with specialized firearms and other specialized equipment to protect themselves and the community.

Crisis Negotiation Team – CNT

The Crisis Negotiation Team consists of highly trained individuals who negotiate with a person or group of people actively involved in a criminal, domestic, or mental health incident. The CNT’s responsibilities include; but are not limited to:
Deescalating potentially life-threatening situations using verbal crisis management techniques.
Responding to incidents involving suicidal, armed/barricaded, emotionally disturbed, and hostage-holding individuals.
Save lives and mitigates crisis incidents while attempting to avoid unnecessary risk to officers, citizens, victims, and subjects.

Special Response Team – SRT

The Special Response Team is made up of specially trained officers of the North Little Rock Polcie Department. The SRT’s responsibilities include; but are not limited to: Emergency Service Response such as riots, civil disorder, or other emergency situations. The SRT’s are often equipped with specialized non-lethal weapons and other specialized equipment to protect themselves and the community.

The School Resource Officer Unit (SRO)

The North Little Rock Police Department is committed to building and fostering positive relationships with the citizens of our community. The department believes that it is imperative to build trusting relationships with the youth, school staff, and the community to create safer schools. The School Resource Officers are dedicated to working with the North Little Rock School District to ensure a safer learning environment, provide valuable resources to school staff, teachers and youth to prevent and solve problems within the school and community.

The Police Athletic League

The North Little Rock Police Athletic League, the North Little Rock Police Department, and a host of community volunteers work together in a public and private partnership to provide quality athletic and educational activities for children at no cost to the participants. In this way, NLRPAL reaches across neighborhood, cultural, and socioeconomic lines to form lasting relationships between our youth and role models in our community.

 For More Information Visit NLRPAL

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is made up of specially trained officers of the North Little Rock Police Department. The primary role of the unit is to provide funeral honors for fallen officers.  The Honor Guard also serves as the “guardians of the colors” by displaying and escorting the national flag on ceremonial occasions at official city functions.